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7.0 oz hand sanitizer NSN: 8520-01-567-0443

2.5 oz hand sanitizer NSN: 8520-01-567-0358


About Us

Who are we?


We want to make a difference.  The hand sanitizer market is saturated with cheap and worthless products.  We have the most advanced alcohol-free hand sanitizer in the world.  Our entire purpose is to improve your life.

Why Havlon?


Applying Havlon to your hands will change your life and the life of those you love.  It not only kills the disease-causing bacteria on your hands but you keep passing that protection along from doorhandles to drinking fountains to others' hands.  Stay safe with Havlon!

Why wait to keep yourself safe?


Don't let another minute go by using sub-par hand sanitizer products.  Get your Havlon today!


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Make it easy to order

We may have a simple product line but we make it even easier to buy.  Just order online and your product will arrive in a few days.

Havlon Corporation

125 E 1st N, Rexburg, ID 83440, US

(208) 458-2000


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